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Bun-Bun's Corner

These pages are dedicated to discussion (read "derision") of some of the fallacies, contradictions and errors of thruhikers and thruhiking. Specifically regarding the statements and actions of those thruhikers (or prospective thruhikers) who make statements or take actions for which they're neither cognizant of the consequences nor prepared (or qualified) to defend the contradictions, errors, dilemmas and other idiocies they continually perpetrate.

If you're not a current, future or past thruhiker, you may not belong here. And in fact, if you're a "special snow flake" and you require "trigger warnings" or take offense to opposing viewpoints or other such nonsense, you may be damaged by the non-politically-correct (non-PC) nature of the information on these pages. If such is the case, Bun-bun will laugh at you and gleefully wave "goodbye and good riddance", if not actively insult you. This page is the only warning you'll get.

"Bun-bun" has been described as a homicidal mini-lop rabbit with a switchblade and an attitude. Or alternatively: "that evil rabbit."

In reality, Bun-Bun is a pragmatic iconoclast with a sharp knife, a sharper tongue and little tolerance for idiocy. Look up the words if you have any question about what that might mean. The practical effect is that Bun-Bun tips over outhouses, pops balloons, steps on toes, rains on parades, slaughters "sacred cows," and just generally raises hell with "cherished illusions", preconceived notions, conventional wisdom and "common knowledge".

These essays have been known to piss off various people. In particular, those whose ox has been gored at one time or another, whether deliberately or inadvertently. Therefore it's appropriate that they be placed in "Bun-Bun's Corner." The "Corner" will be expanded as appropriate and/or necessary. Check in once in a while to see if Bun-Bun has gored YOUR favorite ox.

The Corner is entirely MY opinion, MY values, MY reasoning, MY philosophy. Agreement with what's written here is neither expected nor necessary.

For those sensitive souls who cannot abide disagreement (or those who disagree with Bun-Bun) you are truly in the wrong place. Take a glass of wine, soak in the hot tub, eat your brie and sorbet and --- forget you ever heard of Bun-Bun.

For those whose mind is made up and don't want to be confused by facts, this will not be a place to your liking. You will be confused -- and Bun-Bun doesn't care.

For those who dislike real, rational thought, this is a place that will hurt your head. And Bun-Bun will grin a nasty, feral grin.

For those whose mindset is described above, this is the time to go someplace more to your liking. Those who refuse to leave - those who proceed further on this dark road - give up all right or reason to carp, complain, whine or otherwise object to what's here. For those who read further and then object to what they've read, it would be their own fault for failing to follow directions. Which would indicate that either they don't know their own mind or that they have no mind to know. Neither of which is Bun-Bun's problem. Deal with it.


What follows is the result of a lot of years of "life"; not nearly enough years of living with a very wise lady with whom I talk for hours every day about "trail" - any trail - all trails; and over 50,000 aggregate miles of hiking between us. It's the result of the synergy between two people who care very deeply about the trails - and about the people who walk those trails. And it leads us into places where few dare to tread. Beware - there be dragons here.

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